Kathy has 12 years of volunteer experience in various roles throughout the Adams 12 community.


Mother of three Adams 12 students- two daughters currently in high school and a son in middle school.

Parent volunteer in Adams 12 for the last 12 years, including:

  • Centennial Elementary PTO President, Secretary & School Improvement Team (SIT) member (during 2001-2007)
  • Coyote Ridge Elementary PTA & SIT member (2007-2012)
  • Rocky Top Middle School SIT member (2007-present)
  • Legacy High School SIT Member (2010-present)

Member of DSIT (District School Improvement Team) in various roles:

  • Steering Team Member (7 yrs)
  • School Review Coordinator  (3 yrs)
  • District Unified Improvement Plan committee member (2 years)
  • Policy Council Member (4 yrs)
  • Transitions Subcommittee Co-chair (3 yrs)
  • Lead author of Adams 12 Kindergarten School Transition Guide and Middle School Transition Guide (http://www.adams12.org/dsit/resources)
  • Facilitator of 4-part Parent/Community Budget Meetings (2013)

Education:  B.A., Political Science/Public Service Concentration          M.P.H. (Master of Public Health), Health Behavior/Health Education

20 years public health work experience

The Vision – A Completed Puzzle

Adams 12 will provide an exceptional educational experience that meets the needs of all students and prepares them for success in life.

The Pieces to Get There


Parents + community + staff + students + administration + Board of Education working together to support student learning and opportunities for growth.


Creating challenging and varied learning environments in all schools; providing opportunities to study diverse subjects in innovative ways; and promoting creativity.


Recruiting, supporting and retaining the best school and district staff.


Kathy's oldest daughter is happy to help her mom at the petition signing party.

Kathy’s oldest daughter is happy to help her mom at the petition signing party.