Meet Kathy …

My name is Kathy Plomer and I am running for a seat on the Adams 12 School Board.  I am passionate about education and believe educating children is one of the most important public responsibilities we have. My core beliefs are that: education should be a partnership between the schools, parents and the community; all students deserve a well-rounded, exceptional educational experience that prepares them for success in life; and we must surround our students with excellent teachers and staff.

I am the proud mom of three Adams 12 students and have been a very active volunteer at the school and district level since my oldest daughter started kindergarten twelve years ago.  My volunteer experience has made me an ardent supporter of Adams 12 schools and gave me the desire to serve the students, staff and community of District 12 as a member of the Board.


It’s time to vote!

It's time to vote!


The Plomer Family

The Plomer Family

This campaign is made possible with the support of my family!


The District School Improvement Team (DSIT) Transitions Committee is one I have been proud to lead for the last three years. It’s a group of parents, teachers and students working to publish materials to help students (and parents) make transitions in key years – Kindergarten, 6th grade and 9th grade. Our first major project was the Kindergarten Transition Guide. The guide contains the answers to many questions frequently asked by parents on topics ranging from school registration to Kindergarten readiness. Check it out by clicking here.

Last year we published materials on transitioning to middle school. We had input from counselors, teachers, SROs and all of the middle school principals. We put together a list of frequently asked questions, as well as, a guide with common fears and ways to help students make the transition. To see these materials click here.

This year we are working on materials to help with the transition into high school. We interviewed all of the high school principals and are pulling those materials together for publication. The strength of this process comes in the partnership between parents, teachers, administrators and the District to distribute practical information to help students make successful transitions.


Kathy Listening

Kathy Listening

Kathy listening to a few Adams 12 teachers.

I am on the ballot!

The signatures on my petition have been certified so my name will appear on the ballot this Fall!  This will be a highly competitive election.  I will know by early next week if I will have two or three opponents.

Many people have asked what they can do to help with my campaign.  My greatest need right now is donations so I can get my message out through print and other media.  If you can invest any amount in my campaign, please click on the “Donate” tab at the top of the page and I will put your contribution to work to win and work for kids in Adams 12!  Thank you!

Petitions Turned In!

My petitions have been turned in for signature verification!  I turned in twice the required number of signatures and once they are certified my name will officially be on the ballot!

The petition process was a very positive one.  It allowed me to connect with over 100 people to talk about who I am, my dedication to the students and community of Adams 12 and why I am running.   Thanks for your support!

Petition Signing Barbeque

Help me get my name on the November ballot by signing my petition!  Any registered voter living in the Adams 12 boundaries can sign.

I am also looking for supporters who can donate to my campaign, walk neighborhoods with me or put up a yard sign.  Come on by if you would like to get involved!

When:  Saturday, August 24 from 6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Where:  5128 Bottlebrush Run, Broomfield, CO  80023

Hope to see you there!